The colour purple might represent your favourite Quality Street, or be the title of your favourite movie! If you’re considering the colour purple for your dog’s collar then you’re in the right place. We think we have a royal selection of purple dog collars!

Oscar & Hooch Signature Range Liberty Purple Dog Collars

Our signature range proves ever popular with its lovely soft machine washable fabric set off with a grosgrain ribbon and finished with high quality, hard wearing metalwork. Our purple Liberty is a strong deep hue with hints of the nobility, grandeur and royalty.


Liberty purple dog collar

Hurley as a puppy

Oscar & Hooch Daisy Range Purple Collars

The daisy range was born out of remembrance of a very special dog named Daisy who was owned and loved by Dr Claire Guest of the charity Medical Detection Dogs. Daisy alerted Claire to the presence of breast cancer and saved her life. Claire then went on to prove that Daisy and her canine pals could save many more lives, and set up the charity Medical Detection Dogs. We supply every qualified assistance dog with a black and collar, and we are very proud to work with this amazing charity. You can find out more about Claire and Daisy’s story here. Sadly Daisy passed away in February 2018. To commemorate her legacy, the Daisy range was designed and named in her memory.

This wipeable, waterproof collar is incredibly suitable for mucky pups who like mud. We know lots of dogs like that! Our purple dog collar in the daisy range incorporates a hint of contrasting green to finish the style statement.

Purple daisy dog collar

Oscar & Hooch Neon Range Collars

We can’t offer you a purple neon collar but our super soft aubergine purple collar with its neon pink stripe is an exceptionally stylish choice. Again, a machine washable collar that means your classy pooch can still jump in muddy puddles on his walk. After a quick spin in the washing machine, this collar is as good as new. All ready to be back to looking fit for the catwalk, or should we say, dogwalk.

Pink neon dog collar


Love our purple dog collars? Remember that all our collars come with matching leads so your hound can be kitted out with a full set!