You’ve decided to get a puppy and are looking forward to welcoming that bundle of joy into your home. So you’ve got a few things to get sorted before they arrive though! You’ll know you need to get various things and we’ve got some great blogs to help you! But what size collar will you need for your puppy?

Your puppy’s first collar

Your puppy may have worn a very soft, lightweight coloured collar at the breeders to distinguish them from the rest of the litter. This collar will be quite different from their future collars. Your breeder may provide a collar. But you may want to have a special “coming home” collar ready! Depending on what breed they are, they may grow considerably  in the first weeks and months. Therefore the first collar could be outgrown within the first 6 months.

How soon should I get a collar?

Many people want to have a collar to hand to put on their puppy as soon as they arrive home. So it’s a good idea to get your puppy used to wearing a collar from day one. It is the law that all dogs (there are a few exceptions to this) must wear a collar with identification. After all, the sooner your puppy starts wearing a collar, the quicker they will get used to it. Therefore that means getting a collar for your puppy before they arrive home. And before you’ve had a chance to measure them!

What size collar should I buy for my puppy?

One of the questions we get asked the most is “what size collar should I buy for my puppy?” Generally, if we know what breed your puppy is, we can make an educated assessment of what size of collar your puppy will need. 

Take a look at our puppy collar size chart below, to see which size Oscar & Hooch collar will be the best fit for your new furry family member. Our recommendations are based on the average neck size and weight of each breed, which can also be found below.

However, if you’re still unsure, you can always buy two sizes and return the unused one to us.

Average Neck Inches (adult)
Average Neck   cms  (adult)
Weight kgs (average adult)
Suggested Oscar & Hooch puppy collar size
Afghan Hound       16-22″       41-56cm    26-30 kgs                 S 
Airdale Terrier       16-22″       41-56cm    19-20 kgs                 S
Akita       20-24″       51-61cm    30-60 kgs                 S/M
Alaskan Malamute       15-22″       38-56cm    30-43 kgs                 S
American Eskimo       16-20″       41-51cm    8-16 kgs                 S
American Eskimo Miniature       13-16”       33-41cm    7-11 kgs                 S
American Indian Dog       16-22″       41-56cm    13-27 kgs                 S
American Pit Bull Terrier       14-18”       36-46cm    13-30 kgs                 S
Australian Cattle Dog       22-28″       56-71cm    14-16 kgs                 S/M
Australian Kelpie       15-21″       38-53cm    11-20 kgs                 S
Australian Shepherd       16-22″       41-56cm    16-32 kgs                 S
Australian Shepherd Miniature       10-14”       25-36cm    7-16 kgs                 XS
Basenji       10-14″       25-36cm    9-12 kgs                 XS
Basset Hound       16-22″       41-56cm    18-27 kgs                 S
Beagle       12-18″       30-46cm    8-14 kgs                 S
Bearded Collie       16-19″       41-48cm    20-27 kgs                 S
Bedlington Terrier       14-18″       36-46cm    7-10 kgs                 S
Belgian Malinois       16-20″       41-51cm    25-34 kgs                 S
Berger de Brie (Briard)       18-22″       46-56cm    30-40 kgs                 S
Bernese Mountain Dog       20-26″       51-66cm    34-45 kgs                 S/M
Bichon Bolognese       10-16″       25-41cm    3-6 kgs                 XS
Bichon Frise       14-18″       36-46cm    4-6 kgs                 S
Black And Tan Coonhound       19-23″       48-58cm    30-39 kgs                 S
Bloodhound       22-28″       56-71cm    40-48 kgs                 S/M
Blue Heeler       22-28″       56-71cm    13-16 kgs                 S/M
Border Collie       14-18″       36-46cm    12-20 kgs                 S
Border Terrier       11-13″       28-33cm    5-7 kgs                 XS
Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)       18-22″       46-56cm    34-45 kgs                 S
Boston Terrier       12-18″       30-46cm    5-11 kgs                 S
Bouvier Des Flanders       22-26″       56-66cm    27-35 kgs                 S/M
Boxer       16-22″       41-56cm    25-34 kgs                 S
Britany Spaniel       14-16″       36-41cm    13-18 kgs                 S
Bull Terrier       12-18″       30-46cm    20-30 kgs                 S
Bull Terrier Miniature       12-18″       30-46cm    11-17 kgs                 S
Bulldog (American)       18-24″       46-61cm    27-54 kgs                 S
Bulldog (English)       18-24″       46-61cm    22-25 kgs                 S
Bulldog (French)       12-16″       30-41cm    8-13 kgs                 XS
Bullmastiff       26-28″       66-71cm    45-60 kgs                 S/M
Cairn Terrier       10-16″       25-41cm    5-7 kgs                 XS
Cane Corso       22-30″       56-76cm    40-50 kgs                 S/M
Caucasian Shepherd       22-26″       56-66cm    45-90 kgs                 S/M
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel       10-16″       25-41cm    6-8 kgs                 XS
Cavapoo       10-16″       25-41cm    7-14 kgs                 XS
Chesapeake Bay Retriever       18-24″       46-61cm    25-35 kgs                 S
Chihuahua       8-14″       20-36cm    1-3 kgs                 XXS
Chinese Crested       8-11″       20-28cm    2-5 kgs                 XXS
Chow       18-24″       46-61cm    20-30 kgs                 S
Cockapoo       10-16″       25-41cm    7-14 kgs                 XS
Cocker Spaniel       12-18″       30-46cm    12-16 kgs                 S
Collie       18-22″       46-56cm    20-35 kgs                 S
Corgi (Cardigan Welsh)       14-16″       36-41cm    11-17 kgs                 S
Corgi (Pembroke Welsh)       14-16″       36-41cm    10-13 kgs                 S
Dachshund Miniature       8-12″       20-30cm    4-7 kgs                 XXS
Dachshund Standard       16-20″       41-51cm    8-15 kgs                 S
Dalmatian       14-20″       36-51cm    20-30 kgs                 S
Doberman Pinscher       18-24″       46-61cm    30-40 kgs                 S
Dogo Argentino       20-26″       51-66cm    35-45 kgs                 S/M
English Mastiff       28-38″       71-97cm    55-100 kgs                 S/M
English Setter       18-24″       46-61cm    30-35 kgs                 S
Flat-Coated Retriever       18-24″       46-61cm    27-32 kgs                 S
Fox Terrier       10-16″       25-41cm    6-8 kgs                 XS
German Long Haired Pointer       16-20″       41-51cm    25-34 kgs                 S
German Shepherd       18-24″       46-61cm    20-40 kgs                 S
German Shorthair Pointer       15-17″       38-43cm    18-30 kgs                 S
Golden Retriever       16-24″       41-61cm    25-34 kgs                 S
Goldendoodle Miniature       14-16″       36-41cm    13-20 kgs                 S
Goldendoodle Standard       16-22″       41-56cm    18-22 kgs                 S
Great Dane       20-26″       51-66cm    45-90 kgs                 S/M
Great Pyrenees       24-30″       61-76cm    41-57 kgs                 S/M
Greyhound       14-18″       36-46cm    25-35 kgs                 S
Greyhound Italian       8-11″       20-28cm    3-6 kgs                 XXS
Havanese       8-14″       20-36cm    3-6 kgs                 XXS
Irish Setter       16-22″       41-56cm    24-32 kgs                 S
Irish Terrier       16-20″       41-51cm    11-12 kgs                 S
Irish Wolfhound       20- 27″       51-69cm    45-80 kgs                 S/M
Jack Russell Terrier       10-14″       25-36cm    6-8 kgs                 XS
King Charles Cavalier       10-16″       25-41cm    5-8 kgs                 XS
Labradoodle       14-20″       36-51cm    20-30 kgs                 S
Labradoodle Miniature       12-16″       30-41cm    13-22 kgs                 XS
Labrador Retriever       18-24″       46-61cm    25-35 kgs                 S
Leonberger       20-26″       51-66cm    39-63 kgs                 S/M
Lhasa Apso       12-16″       30-41cm    6-7 kgs                 XS
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard       16-21″       41-53cm    20-45 kgs                 S
Lurcher       13-20″       33-51cm    16-45 kgs                 S
Maltese       10-14″       25-36cm    3-4 kgs                 XS
Newfoundland       26-32″       66-81cm    50-70 kgs                 S/M
Old English Sheepdog       18-24″       45-61cm    27-29 kgs                 S
Papillon              8-12″       20-30cm    4-5 kgs                 XXS
Pekingese       12-16″       30-40cm    4-5 kgs                 XS
Pembroke Welsh Corgi       14-16″       35-40cm    11-17 kgs                 S
Pharoah Hound       10-14″       25-35cm    18-27 kgs                 XS
Pinscher Miniature       8-11″       20-28cm    4-5 kgs                 XXS
Pomeranian       10-14″       25-35cm    4-6 kgs                 XS
Poodle (Miniature)       10-16″       25-40cm    7-8 kgs                 XS
Poodle (Standard)       12-18″       30-45cm           20-32 kgs                 S
Poodle (Toy)       8-14″       20-35cm    3-4 kgs                 XXS
Portuguese Water Dog       15-20″       38-50cm    27-43 kgs                 S
Pug       12-16″       30-40cm    6-8 kgs                 XS
Puggle       12-18″       30-45cm    7-14 kgs                 S
Rat Terrier       13-16″       33-40cm    5-6 kgs                 S
Rhodesian Ridgeback       20-23″       50-58cm    29-41 kgs                 S/M
Rottweiler       24-30″       61-76cm    35-60 kgs                 S/M
Saluki       13-18″       33-46cm    18-27 kgs                 S
Samoyed       16-20″       41-51cm    20-27 kgs                 S
Schipperke       10-14″       25-36cm    6-20 kgs                 XS
Schnauzer Giant       20-26″       51-66cm    30-35 kgs                 S/M
Schnauzer Miniature       10-16″       25-41cm    6-7 kgs                 XS
Schnauzer Standard       14-20″       36-51cm    13-16 kgs                 S
Scottish Terrier       14-20″       36-51cm    8-10 kgs                 S
Shar Pei       16-20″       41-51cm    16-25 kgs                 S
Shetland Sheep Dog “Sheltie”       11-18″       28-46cm    5-11 kgs                 XS
Shiba Inu       14-17″       36-43cm    7-10 kgs                 S
Shichon       10-18″       25-46cm    5-6 kgs                 XS
Shih Tzu       10-14″       25-36cm    5-7 kgs                 XS
Siberian Husky       16-22″       41-56cm    18-25 kgs                 S
Silky Terrier       10-14″       25-36cm    4-5 kgs                 XS
Springer Spaniel       14-18″       36-46cm    22-25 kgs                 S
St. Bernard       26-32″       66-81cm    40-115 kgs                 S/M
Staffordshire Bull Terrier       18-24″       46-61cm    11-17kg                 S
Vizsla       15-22″       38-56cm    22-28 kgs                 S
Weimaraner       16-22″       41-56cm    25-35 kgs                 S
West Highland Terrier       14-16″       36-41cm    7-10 kgs                 S
Wheaten Terrier       18-22″       46-56cm    14-17 kgs                 S
Whippet       13-15″       33-38cm    13-16 kgs                 S
Yorkshire Terrier       6-12″       15-31cm    2-3 kgs                 XXS
Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup)       4-8″       10-20cm    1-2 kgs                 XXS

Now you know what size collar you need, all you need is to pick the colour 🌈!

Puppy Collar FAQs

What kind of collar is best for a puppy?

When it comes to puppies, particularly short-haired breeds, you should look for a soft collar made of a non-abrasive material. Fabric collars are a good option, and collars made from a breathable fabric that is also machine washable are even better.

When should a puppy wear a collar?

Even if your puppy is still too young to go outside for walks, getting them used to wearing a collar is a good idea and will prevent any tiny tantrums further down the road! Collars should be worn most of the time, even around the house, but taking it off every so often to let the skin breathe is recommended. So try leaving the collar off for a couple of hours every time you brush or bathe them.

Can an 8-week-old puppy wear a collar?

Responsible breeders recommend puppies should not be brought home until 8 weeks old, and you can start getting them used to their collar shortly after this. It may be a good idea to let them settle into their new environment before introducing something new, but getting them used to their collar in their second week at home is a good idea.

Should puppies wear collars at night?

Most dog collars are designed to be non-abrasive and perfectly safe for pups and older dogs to sleep in. This can also help puppies get adjusted to wearing a collar for the majority of the time.

Although collars are not designed to be worn 24/7, taking the collar off for a couple of hours every two days will be sufficient. You certainly don’t need to take their collar off every night before bed!

What information should I put on my puppy’s dog collar tag?

According to the Control of Dogs Mandate of 1992, all dogs in public are required to wear an identification tag which includes the owner’s first name, surname, postcode, and the first line of their address. However, many vets also recommend including a contact telephone number, in the event your dog goes missing.

Although microchipping has been mandatory for pet dogs since 2016, tags are still a legal requirement and provide a quicker way to get in contact with you if your dog is found, without their microchip needing to be scanned first.

We hope our puppy collar size guide has been helpful, as well as our dog collar FAQs! If you’d like to browse our full range of collars, leads, harnesses, and other accessories, feel free to visit our online shop. And why not use puppy10 at checkout for 10% off your puppy’s first collar?

Or, if you’d like more advice on caring for your puppy, feel free to visit the Oscar & Hooch blog for more articles. If you enjoyed our puppy collar size guide, you might like our other article, What do I need for a New Puppy?

Elaine and the team at Oscar & Hooch