You may be starting to think ahead to when you bring your puppy home, or you may be bringing him home in a few days. Ideally you want to have a collar to hand when he arrives. Here we look at your puppy's first collar and what to consider.

How soon should my puppy wear a collar?

Most puppies will be used to wearing a very lightweight “puppy colour" collar. The breeder would have used these after they were born to differentiate him/her from the rest of the pack. This type of collar will be very different from the style and weight of collar they will wear when out for walks and attached to a lead. It’s a good idea to get your puppy used to wearing a collar in his first few days at home with you. Getting your puppy used to wearing a collar will stand you and him in good stead for future walkies.

What about the first collar?

Ideally your puppy's first collar will be lightweight, gentle on his neck and adjustable to allow for his growth over the coming weeks. Our super soft signature range collars are perfect for puppies. And there are plenty of colours to choose from! You will need to measure his neck to size his collar. Do this with a soft measuring tape.  Place the tape snuggly but comfortably around your puppy’s neck. Now place two fingers between the collar and your puppy's neck. This will give you your measurement in centimetres or inches.

Help deciding which collar?

Here at Oscar & Hooch we get many enquiries about the right size of collar for a new puppy. If you can tell us the breed, we can usually let you know what size you will need initially. However, if you are unsure you can order two sizes to be prepared. Then return the unwanted size once puppy has arrived.

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