Wow! It feels like last week was a very long time ago…

Over 1000 miles later so much has happened. We finished filming on Monday, returning to Somerset around midnight. It was a shame to pass up the end of shoot drinks but a very important meeting on Tuesday in Bucks beckoned.

There are many words to describe how we felt on Tuesday at Medical Detection Dogs; inspirational would be one of them, amazing, humbling. We had a really good meeting with Chief Exec Claire Guest understanding what the dogs do and how much the dogs love their work!

Of course the stars of the show were Daisy:

Daisy the dog

and Midas:

Midas the dog

Like all charities, support is needed and lots more can be done. I am proud to say Oscar & Hooch have agreed to supply collars and leads to all medical detection dogs (in red or course!). We will also be supporting some exciting dog and owner activities – more to follow.

The rest of the week has seen many hours with our manufacturers (based in the UK) finalising some very exciting collars and leads… pink, greys and blues caught our eye…