A wet week has meant Labrador heaven, wet carpets and a very unhappy wife. In my defence they looked dry when I had finished towelling them, the lounge carpet told a different story!

Of course we are very excited about our celebrity dog collars that are almost ready to send out - pictures of course to follow! Talking of celebrity it was great to see our friends on This Morning, admittedly they weren't wearing Oscar & Hooch collars...yet!

If you missed the dogs and owners have a look here.

Heading over to London tonight in preparation for the final day of filming on a TV show we're been involved in. Very excited and looking forward to sharing lots of pictures once the show airs later on in the year.

Then we start preparing for the Love Parks Week. Oscar & Hooch will be making lots of new friends at the Greyhound Gathering and dog picnic in Eastville Park, Bristol. Look forward to sharing loads of pictures of who we meet there!