Puppies have a lot to learn about the world. What to eat and what not to eat. What is ok and how to behave in our homes. There’s a lot going on for them. Here we look at “why does my puppy eat grass?”

Upset stomach?

There is a theory that puppies or adult dogs eat grass when they have a sore tummy, so that they will vomit. This doesn’t appear to be the truth of the matter. 

Dietary insufficiency?

Another theory is that it provides fibre in a diet which is lacking and dogs instinctively know that grass will provide this. But this theory is also without proof.


The simple answer to the question “why does my puppy eat grass” is because they like it. It may be due to boredom, and that simply chewing grass gives them something to do. 

Usually, if your puppy has not had their daily meal, they are more likely to eat grass. So basically, the hungrier the puppy, the more likely they are to eat grass. 


It may just be that your puppy enjoys eating grass. The taste and texture of grass is quite different to what they usually eat. And it’s also them exploring the world. You’ve probably noticed they eat a lot of unusual things! So eating grass could maybe be more desirable than others?!

Should you stop your puppy eating grass?

Depending what grass your puppy is eating, you may want to be careful of pesticides or lawn treatments. Lawn chemicals can be detected up to 48 hours after applied so remember to keep your puppy indoors.

Remember to establish a good routine with your puppy that includes walks, playtime and a healthy diet. This should limit interest in grass eating.

If your puppy is just having the occasional nibble you don’t need to worry. If however they seem obsessive about eating grass you may need to speak to your vet.

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