There are lots of reasons your dog’s breath may smell band. All of them will need some form of attention. Prolonged change in your dog’s breath warrants a visit to your veterinarian. The term ‘dogs’ breath’ is used to infer bad breath, when in fact dogs breath should smell ok.

Your dog’s teeth need to be looked after, including daily brushing. Poor dental care can lead to bad breath (halitosis). Healthy teeth should be white with pink gums, over time teeth may start to yellow. Caused by the build-up of food which in turn leads to a build-up in bacteria. Long term neglect of your dog’s mouth can lead to further complications.

Other than oral hygiene what else causes bad breath in dogs?

There are other conditions that could lead to your dog having bad breath. Infections can be a cause of bad breath. Infections can be in the mouth, potentially the lungs or in the gut. At the extreme end of poor dental hygiene your dog may have rotten teeth and could develop abscesses. 

Your dogs diet can also be a cause of bad breath; this may be particularly noticeable if you dog eats a lot of fish. Dogs gums get inflamed when certain foods can get stuck such as pieces of bone.

Other know causes of bad breath include diabetes, liver, and kidney disease. A check by your vet should help identify any underlying cause of bad breath.

How do I prevent bad breath in my dog?

Good dental hygiene will tackle any issues related to dental disease. This includes brushing your dogs’ teeth daily. There is a huge choice of dog toothpastes to choose from. Start by letting your dog taste a small amount and go from there.

For dogs where brushing is problematic there are other options. There are brands of seaweed powder  a natural solution to cleaning. Seaweed power can be sprinkled on food; this may take longer to work than brushing.

There are benefits to dental chews, be sure to choose a healthy product that balances oral health and over health benefits. To learn more about what to feed your dog read our article here.

If you are unsure always seek advice from your vet.