Dogs eating poo is a common occurrence amongst our four legged friends. Not only do we find it disgusting as owners, but we also worry about what it means. In this article we look at "why does my dog eat poo", if we should be worried about it and what can be done to discourage or stop this habit.

Coprophagia - the eating of faeces or dung

There are thought to be a number of reasons why your dog eats poo. One misconception is that your dog may have a nutritional deficit. If you are feeding your dog a good quality complete food then this is unlikely to be the case. Wild animals are known to eat faeces when food is scarce. Perhaps your dog is hungry. Or perhaps it’s simply their scavenger instincts because it smells nutritious and they enjoy it!

Should I worry about my dog eating poo?

If your dog likes eating poo, it’s not ideal but probably not as bad for him as you think. You may feel less inclined to cuddle up to him after your walk! Just be aware that some farm animal poo may contain worming medication that might not be very good for him. Also, old poo may contain parasitic eggs so make sure you worm your dog regularly.

How do I stop my dog eating poo?

You might not be able to stop your dog eating his or other dog’s poo but you can take measures to limit this behaviour.

  • Clean up any poo in the garden as soon as he’s gone.
  • Don’t make a big deal if he eats poo – you don’t want to encourage this in any way.
  • Work on recall training with treats to encourage him back to you and away from any poo. You could also work on “Leave it” command using very tasty treats!

More than anything, your dog eating poo is disgusting for us. Unfortunately, your dog enjoys it!

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