This month as it is National Walking Month we are encouraged to use our feet a little bit more often instead of jumping in the car. With warmer spring weather and brighter longer days, finding the time and motivation to walk should be easier.

Why walk?

Walking is an excellent form of exercise. Brisk walking will increase your heart rate burning more calories and building stamina, whilst making your heart and muscles stronger. You don’t need any fancy equipment so it’s easy to do. You’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes, comfortable clothing appropriate to the weather, and perhaps a bottle of water depending how far you’re planning to go. It’s also great for the environment if you’d have otherwise used the car.

How to make a walk fun

We often used to play walk challenges with the kids to distract them from the fact we were on a walk! Who could find the biggest leaf / the tallest dandelion / the whitest stone? A healthy dose of competition kept them amused and running around busy! I’ve heard of other families who play the classic “I spy”. And if you are lucky enough to have a bridge over water somewhere on your walk you could be looking for the perfect stick on the way to play Poohsticks!

Where to walk?

There is a whole network of public footpaths across the country. After some research into walks in your own area, you could find paths and places you’ve never seen before! Enjoy a walk with a picnic or some snacks, making sure to take litter with you. Encourage some friends to go with you, or another family, and make an occasion of it! Make some memories!

And of course your dog will love it!

And if you have a dog then they will love the opportunity for any extra walks. Just remember if you are out walking in countryside, to keep your dog on a lead whilst around livestock. There are many pregnant ewes and young lambs in fields at this time of year. You can check out our selection of strong durable leads here.