There is finally the pitter patter of doggie paw steps in our home once more. After losing Oscar and Hooch 4 years ago, it never quite felt the right time to get another dog. And then suddenly recently it did. And now we a new pup.

Oscar and Hooch

We’d talked as a family in those 4 years about getting another dog. It was never a case of “Will we get another dog?’. It was always “When will we get another dog?” Losing the boys was hard. Really hard. They lived to 14 and a half (Hooch) and 15 years (Oscar) and they died within 6 months of each other. Non-pet owners just don’t understand what it feels like to lose a dog/cat/insert any pet here. They are your family. They have distinct and unique personalities. They have their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make them them. For us, the hole that the boys left needed time to heal. 

The time is right!

Once we’d made the decision that the time was right, we put the feelers out for a young four-legged friend who was looking for a home. And then it all happened very quickly. We got a call about a young lab who needed to be rehomed due to his owner’s health. Paul spoke to the owner, arranged a visit (a 3 and a half hour drive away! – you’ll be bringing him home I said) and arrived home with Henry. We’d initially heard Henry was 11 months and a yellow lab. It turns out he’s 7 months and a fox red lab. (But that’s kind of the same thing?!) 

Check list complete?

I laughed with a friend the other day. When we’d been talking about adopting a do, ideally, we wanted a smaller breed than Oscar & Hooch, less moulting, and an adoptee who was young but old enough to be well trained. Well, Henry is definitely not small, the house is covered in blond hair, and bless him, he is well trained, but loves a chase round the kitchen if he can get a tea-towel! But you know what? He’s perfect. And he is fun. And gorgeous. He’s settled in well and has adjusted very quickly to life with us. And our hearts are full again. Oh and he looks gorgeous in his Neon green collar and lead set!

When we put the feelers out, I felt sure the right dog would find us. And he did. Good boy Henry!