You know that thing that dogs do where they roll in poo and get themselves and their collars just caked in yuck? I know they’re going for the eau de poo fragrance but it’s not one many of us owners are keen on! But here’s some ideas for machine washable dog collars that make the clean up job just a little bit easier!

Oh to bathe in Mud!

Here at Oscar & Hooch, we created our ranges of collars based on the lives and loves of two chocolate Labradors, Oscar & Hooch. Hooch was the ultimate fox poo roller and could sniff out the prize in a 3 acre field! Oscar loved finding the muddiest puddle and either lying in it or jumping around in it. In a word, they both loved to get absolutely filthy. So when we were designing our collars we wanted them to look good but to also do a good job!

Machine Washable Signature Range

Our signature range offers machine washable dog collars and leads that have stood the test of time now for nearly 10 years. They are a brilliant choice when it comes to machine washable dog collars and leads.

Don’t just take it from us ; here’s what some of our customers have said over the years.

"Really lovely collars and leads. I have used these for years and they’re so soft and comfy. My dogs always swim and/or get filthy. These collars and leads could be washed every day and not flinch!"

"Leads and collars that look great and are soft yet strong. Have them for both my adult dogs and they wash up like new and last for ages." Melissa

"Absolutely fantastic collars and leads. Durable, washable, and super soft. 
Our last one had been in the sea, mud, everywhere you can think, and when it was washed, it looked brand new again." Mrs England

"These are the best leads and collars I have ever bought. They are very stylish. I love all the colour choices. They go in the washing machine at least once a week and every time come up like new." A naughty fox terrier owner!

You can read more customer reviews about our products and service here.

As well as the machine washable signature range, our neon range and stripes range are also machine washable.

If you have a mucky pup and want to make life easier with a "chuck in the machine" collar, it's time to get shopping!