The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) is a trade body in the UK that looks after the interests of the pet trade in the UK. The PIF represents companies as large as Nestle Purina right down to so-called micro companies. The forum set over 3 days explored lots of interesting topics as diverse as "Should pets shops sell pets?", to supporting UK businesses with export.

For one of our directors it was a chance to network with some of Britain's key industry figures, from other manufacturers to buyers from some of the UK's key outlets.

After much networking Paul (aforementioned director) was asked to join a question and answer panel for day 3 of the forum. The subject was all about online marketing in the pet world, a subject Paul knows something about (we hope!).

After 3 days of networking we have decided the PIF seems like a very good support platform and a body we should certainly join. Look out for the logo in the very near future.