Time is ticking and we have had some frustrating minor delays in production, mainly caused by the need to bespoke manufacture the majority of parts of our dog collars. This is, of course, good news as it means the original style and quality we set out to create is being accomplished!

Hooch is a little down in the dumps. After scratching a wart he has managed to cause a minor infection (a ‘hot spot’) which has meant antibiotics – this is of no concern as they are administered with food which is barely tasted in the few seconds it takes Hooch to eat!

The bigger concern for Hooch is the buster collar he needs to wear, certainly nowhere near as stylish as the collars we’re making but definitely serving its purpose!

Hooch in a buster collar

We’ll keep you posted with his progress, back to the Vets next Friday when it will hopefully all be resolved…

Outside of looking after Hooch we have travelled and spoken with many interested dog owners and quickly realised that there is high demand for diamanté on dog collars- so we will be making a diamanté range of collars which will complement our launch range. Quality is extremely important so we will only use genuine Swarovski elements crystals. This has added some sparkle to Hooch’s otherwise rather glum day!