It's that time of week where the girls (our younger twins Alice & Hannah) have Rainbows on a Thursday night which led to me doing their reading books first thing Friday morning. At this point you probably are wondering what on earth this has got to do with dogs!

Well for those of you with young children you will be very aware of the Biff, Chip & Kipper books that are used at school. For those you unaware of these books here is why there is a link to dogs:

Hungry Floppy Book by Roderick Hunt

Floppy is the family dog and always getting up to mischief. This morning's book related a story of a lost puppy. Now that isn't what sparked my interest - instead a picture of Floppy chasing a poodle followed quickly by said poodle's owner lifting it up - clearly not happy about Floppy's amorous intentions!

This reminded me of many walks where either Oscar or Hooch (or both!) have decided that another dog is their best friend. Unfortunately in a small percentage of cases the dog or owner is of a very different opinion...

Now on top of reading books we have also successfully launched our online presence! Some minor typos which I am grateful were pointed out early, but otherwise a smooth transition. Already we are getting orders from shops which is very positive. We will of course be adding a stockist page in the near future so that our products can be seen in the flesh as it were.

Now very ready for the weekend... and preparations for next week which is all about designer dog beds!