Oscar & Hooch: Press Release 24thJan 2019. 

Oscar & Hooch combat ‘winter blues’ with vivid new addition


The ‘winter blues’ (medically know as seasonal adjustment disorder-SAD)  is thought to be caused by reduced daylight in the winter months and can be debilitating for some people (according to The Mental Health Foundation approx. 7% of the UK population suffer from SAD).

SAD is not just a condition that affects people. It is thought that dogs also suffer the effects of winter. This hasn’t been proven categorically, but given dogs share the hormones melatonin and serotonin (which contribute to SAD) with us humans then it seems rational.

In people, treatment for SAD includes improving amount of daylight, excerice and eating healthy foods. Latest figures from the PDSA accentuate the issue dogs face:

  • 24% are left alone for long periods
  • 16% are walked less than once a day
  • 40% are overweight

It seems logical that by improving any of the above factors owners should see improvements in their dogs mood. British brand Oscar & Hooch are strong believers in investing as much time in your pets as people should be investing in themselves, whether that be getting exercise or eating well.

As purveyors of high quality pet accessories Oscar & Hooch have a keen eye on dog walking apparel. Their latest launch is a minor token towards beating the winter blues as well as raising awareness.

The yellow range is vivid, bright and thankfully machine washable offering a ray of sunshine during these darker months.

yellow dog collar

Paul Steckler Founder Oscar & Hooch said,“It is both sad and disappointing to see the results of the PDSA survey. Too many people are getting pets without the dedication or time needed for them to thrive. Connecting and exercising with your dog is crucial to its ongoing wellbeing. People should always do their best even in modern day societies busy schedule.”

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