Do you have to have a pink collar for your dog? Has she always worn a pink dog collar? Is pink her colour? Here we look at pink dog collars and what they might say!

The name of a flower!

The colour pink takes its name from the flowers called pinks.  It was first used as a colour name in the late 17thcentury. Nowadays, Pink is associated with sensitivity, sweetness, and femininity.

Pink for girls?

Choosing a pink purchase for a girl started to occur in the 1930’s and 1940’s. However, in the 1920’s pink was more a masculine colour for boys. This was because it was similar to the manly red. But this didn’t prove popular and after that, pink became the firm choice for females.

Tickled pink with her collar

No matter what your reasons for wanting a pink collar, here at Oscar & Hooch we have a selection of pink collars. Our Signature Range Hot Pink machine washable collar with matching leads makes a bold statement. In addition, our Neon super soft pink on aubergine collar, again with matching leads, combines luxury textures with sumptuous colours. And similarly, our purple and pink stripes range collar and matching lead, hints at fun and frolics!

Bright pink Oscar and Hooch dog collar

Neon pink dog collar

Purple and pink dog collar



If pink is your colour, you could be tickled pink with your Oscar & Hooch pink dog collar!