There are some well known health benefits associated with honey. So as a dog owner you may be wondering if your canine friend could benefit too. In this article we explore the question “Can dogs eat honey?”

Why, what, how much?

The simple answer to the question “can dogs eat honey?” is yes. But its not that straightforward. There is a question of why you want to give your dog honey, the type of honey and the quantity of honey.

Why give honey?

Honey is thought to be antimicrobial and antifungal as well as being a cure for allergies, soothing a sore throat and a reducer of inflammation. If you already follow a very naturalist way of life, then honey may be an established element of your diet. Some people swear by eating a little local honey to help alleviate allergies such as hayfever. Introducing small amounts of pollen to the body via the honey is thought to “prepare” the body. There will be no harm in giving your dog very small quantities of local honey if you want to do this. But we would also advise consulting your vet to make sure any allergies are discussed.

Some people use honey to alleviate a sore throat. If your dog appears to have a sore throat – for example with kennel cough – please follow the vets advice first and foremost. Honey will not cure kennel cough, but a small amount may offer some mild relief, and offer a sweet taste if nothing else.

Perhaps honey is one of your favourites. And you’re reading here because you want to know if your dog can eat honey too. There is no harm in your dog having a small taste of honey but remember it is a sugar. And sugar is not ideal for dogs. So if you really must give your dog honey, then keep it to very small quantities. Perhaps you could try them with strawberries, pineapple or another sweet treat instead?

What kind of honey?

Not all honeys are the same. The honey you buy from the supermarket will be very different from the honey you can buy from a bee keeper. These honeys will look different, and taste very different. The supermarket honey will be processed and probably pasteurised, and might only contain a very small amount of real honey.

Honey direct from a bee keeper will be raw, unfiltered natural honey. Care needs to be taken with this type of honey as it may contain botulism spores.

How much honey?

If you are going to give your dog honey, then keep the quantities very small. We’re talking less than a teaspoon for a small dog to the maximum of a tablespoon for a large dog. 

So in conclusion, yes dogs can eat honey but only in very small quantities and check what type of honey you are giving.

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