The short answer is yes. Dogs can eat strawberries and furthermore they make a good nutritional snack. Strawberries are high in vitamin C as well as fibre and minerals (iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium). Strawberries are also packed with fibre and provide a lower calorie alternative to some dog treats.

How should I feed my dog strawberries?

As with all dog treats, strawberries should be limited as they have a high sugar content. We would recommend no more than one or two a day in smaller dogs. For a large dog you could give more but four strawberries a day shouldn’t be exceeded. 

Fresh strawberries would be the best option for your dog. They should be washed first, and tops cut off. Dependant on size of dog, strawberries should be cut up into smaller pieces. Given the fibre and sugar content of strawberries, you should try your dogs on a small amount at first. Some dogs may respond with upset stomachs. As with all foods you should test a little on your dog’s first experience.

What is in strawberries?

According to BBC Goodfood 80g of strawberries contains 26 Kcal, 0.4g fat, 0.5g protein, 13g Fibre, 136mg potassium and 46mg vitamin C.

To give some context a 30kg dog requires approx. 1700 calories* so 80g of strawberries would provide 1.5% of your dog’s daily requirements. 

So, can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, and can make a very healthy snack for you and you dog!

For more information on what your dog should and shouldn’t be eating see our article here.

*dependent on dog’s activity level, age and whether they are neutered or not.