If you’ve embarked on finding the best collar for your puppy, you’ll have a found there’s quite a lot to choose from out there. If you’re anything like me, that much choice can be overwhelming! But now you’re here, and we’re going to make that much simpler.

First Collar?

Your puppy will have been wearing a very lightweight identification coloured collar already at the breeders. However, this collar is going to be very different from the collars he will wear now. Ideally, you want him to get used to wearing a “normal” collar as soon as possible. You want his first normal collar to still be lightweight, but it also now needs to incorporate more grown up collar features.

What to look for?

Ideally the best puppy collar will be lightweight, soft and narrow so it doesn’t dig into his neck or cause him any discomfort. Also a soft material will prevent his hair matting. And it would be helpful if it is durable and washable. These things all put together in our opinion, are what makes the ideal puppy collar.

Some new dog owners are tempted to use cat collars because they are a good size but your puppy is better off getting used to a proper puppy collar from day one. Cat collars tend to have a quick-release clasp which you wouldn’t want to come undone if your puppy pulls on their lead.

In summary when looking for the best collar for your puppy you want it to be:

  • Lightweight
  • Narrow
  • Ideally don’t use cat collars
  • Durable
  • Soft on skin/hair 
  • Doesn’t cause matting
  • Wear early to get accustomed

So which collar for my puppy?

Here at Oscar & Hooch, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to puppies and their first collars! By far the best puppy collar is our signature range XS size collar. This puppy collar ticks all of the boxes. The nylon webbing core makes it light and strong, and the outer faux suede makes it soft, durable and machine washable. It is super soft on the hair and skin and our matching leads are also super soft and comfy on owners’ hands! A double win! With 13 colours to choose from there’s a shade for every mood and personality.

We make things super easy by offering a no hassle return guarantee, free delivery and to top it off, all our items are sent in eco-friendly gift boxes. What’s not to like?

Research done! Your question is answered. Now time to choose a colour and shop