Skye is one of the most beautiful of the Scottish Isles and a firm favourite of ours.  Blessed with striking landscapes and glorious coastline, Skye is the perfect place for some great dog walks.

The Coral Beaches- Claigan Skye dog walk

This beach is well worth the visit, the white sands are stunning and give quite a tropical feel to a Scottish Island. The coral beach is made of a white seaweed giving the appearance of white sand.  

The beaches are approx. 4 miles north of Dunvegan and the car park is at the end of a single-track lane. Once parked the footpath is obvious heading towards the beach. It is recommended that dogs stay on a lead as you will be crossing over farmland.

Although the beach itself is quite small, you can explore the surrounding land and there is a lovely small hill to summit at the end of the beach to give some great views out to sea. Opposite you is the town of Uig and over the other direction is the Isle of Isay. 

As well as being a great place for a dog walk, the Coral Beaches give many great opportunities for some good pics! After the walk we would recommend driving to Dunvegan Castle. Dogs are allowed in the castle gardens but not the castle itself. If you just want refreshments, there is a coffee hut in the Castle car park (at time of writing). Be aware the castle is only open April-October.

The Fairy Glen

Located just outside Big The Fairy Glen is a very striking and unique landscape. Small and perfectly formed hills dot along the landscape. The is a pay and display car park at the start of the Glen. There are multiple options for dog walks over the Fairy Glen. You will see the larger hill with seemingly flat top which is Castle Ewen. 

If you head over any of the hills and eventually to the top of Castle Ewan, you will be blessed with stunning views. There are plenty of areas to stop for a picnic. Even in the height of summer when we visited, it never felt like there were too many tourists.

The hills were formed a long time ago from what would have been a major landslide. Definitely one of our favourite Skye dog walks.

The Fairy Pools Dog Walk

The Fairy Pools are located near Carbost and there is a pay and display car park close to the walk. From the car park you can follow the purpose-built footpath all the way to the Pools. Be aware dogs should be on a lead due to animals in the area. 

You will pass running water eventually coming to larger pools. If you brave you can go swimming in the pools although it is likely to be cold! The Pools are set against the backdrop of the stunning Black Cuillin range, and you can continue to walk towards the mountains. 

You will eventually see a sign warning care if going off the beaten track, this is a good point to turn back to the car if an inexperienced hiker or you have the wrong footwear!

The Fairy Pools are also notable for being the site of the last clan battle (McDonalds vs MacLeods). Towards the end of the Fariy Pools dog walk you can certainly picture the eerie silence towards the hills…


Before heading into Edinbane (a small village to the North of Skye) you will see a woods on your right hand side (if you have already turned down Old Dunvegan Road then you have gone too far). Parking is dotted along the main road, alternatively you can park in Edinbane and walk up to the woods.

The woods are a great place for dogs, lots of streams and variation in terrain to keep any pooch interested. There are very clear footpaths and maps at the entrance to the woods. Be aware if you feel adventurous and go off piste then ensure you have appropriate footwear. 

We did explore areas off the beaten track, some great spots but also some very boggy spots! If you want a stress-free dog walk, then stick to the paths! Post walk refreshments can be found at the Edinbane Inn. The pub can get busy so book for lunch or dinner.

The Quiraing

Located near Staffin and Uig there is a main car park at The Quiraing. This spot can be very busy in the summer, do not attempt to park on the verge as it is peat, and you are likely to get stuck. 

This is not an easy dog walk, and some wouldn’t recommend bringing dogs at all. If you have a very well-behaved dog, then you should be fine but should take extra care as there are cliffs and some scrambling to be done.

This is also not a walk to do in bad weather, we attempted it in the wind and had to abort…. On a nice day the path is obvious and takes you up the hill with stunning views in all directions. There is one part of the walk that is scree that you will need to scramble over- some will find this easy, however you can always turn back at this point. 

Continuing up the hill you will eventually pass the needle (a tall imposing rock) and then greeted by views of the Table (a lush turf area). There are stiles on the way so again think about the size and fitness of your dog and yourself before attempting this walk.

You eventually will loop back around and through meadows (again dogs still on leads) until you hit the path you started on where you can head back to the car park. Once you finish there is a food truck at the bottom (The Teapot) which accepts cards and is well reviewed (not there when we visited).