One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “what size of collar do I need for my dog?” This quite often depends on the breed of your dog and their age. Here, we explain our collar sizing and how best to choose the right size collar for your dog.

How to measure for a dog collar

Firstly it’s important to know how to measure your dog necks to establish what size of collar they will need. This is best done with a soft measuring tape or a piece of string (or similar). If you are using the soft measuring tape you will have your measurement in one step. If you are using a piece of string or equivalent you will need to measure the string after finding a comfortable fit around your dog’s neck.

When measuring your dog’s neck, your string or tape wants to be loose enough to allow you to get two fingers inside as well. (As if you were going to grasp the collar with two fingers.) A collar that is too tight may cause discomfort to your dog. A collar that is too loose, may come off easily. So you need to get your measurement correct. Take your measurement in inches or centimetres and make a note.

How our collar sizing works

Once you know the neck measurement of your dog, you are now ready to pick your size! Oscar & Hooch collars are sized as follows:

Collar SizeTo fit neck (cms)To fit neck (inches)Collar width (cm)

If your dog falls in between sizes we would recommend choosing the size where your dog’s neck measurement falls closest to the middle hole.

E.g. neck size 28cm would be an XS, neck size 35cm would be a S

XS collar VS S collar

If you are measuring a puppy, bear in mind that your puppy will grow and you may need to factor in whether you want to replace the collar within a couple of weeks or have it last for a few months.

There is good overlap between the sizes XS/S/M/L so we usually find it tends to work to size down.

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If, after reading this and measuring your dogs neck you would still like some help then don’t hesitate to contact us either by email sales@oscarandhooch.comor speak to us in person! 01934 713667