The summer holidays will soon be over. This August Bank Holiday marks last of the years long weekends before the mercury drops and nights draw in. Include your four legged friend in the plans. Read our dog-friendly options to have fun with your dog over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Visit a UK National Park with your dog

This year marks the 70thanniversary of the establishment of the 15 National Parks in the UK. From the Cairngorms in Scotland and their rugged wilds, to the New Forest in southern England and its ancient woodlands, to the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales and its golden shores. All of our National Parks are truly special places. They offer countless miles of exciting terrain to enjoy with your dog. Visit their website to check out which National Park is closest to you. Exmoor is closest to us and we love it for its coastal walks and miles of moorland. Check out our join competition with them to win an Oscar & Hooch collar and lead set during the summer holidays

Book a dog friendly last minute getaway

Fancy a change of scene? Want to get away with your dog over the weekend but haven’t booked anything yet? Getting away to somewhere new and dog friendly will offer prime opportunities to have fun with your dog over the bank holiday weekend. Canine cottages offers accommodation that not only accepts dogs, but warmly welcomes your canine companion. Maybe this is the time to pack the weekend bag, shake up the routine and go sniff out some new places.

Furry friend fun at home

Maybe you’ve had a full on summer already. Maybe this weekend will be more about relaxing at home. Fun with your dog at home can still involve something new without being expensive!

  • Try out a new local walk you haven’t done before – this will give your dog the opportunity to encounter new smells and maybe new friends to sniff!
  • Maybe you could play some new or different games with your dog in the garden or in the park – frisbee, football, or some simple agility with treats – these will all help to build a healthy relationship with your dog as well as providing mental stimulation, and exercise for you both. Check out our blog on outdoor games to play with your dog.
  • Or perhaps what is needed all round is just some good old fashioned quiet relaxed home time of snuggles and companionship, so after the day’s walk, cuddle up together and enjoy some snoozes.

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