So we find ourselves in National Lockdown #3. As has been the case right from the start, some of us are working flat out on the frontline (NHS staff, we truly thank you! And all essential workers đź™ŹđźŹ») and some of us are at home. And if you’re at home, you might be working (and home schooling?!) or you might be furloughed. This lockdown seems to be the toughest one by all accounts (personally, I agree.) Here’s some snippets to consider for finding new local dog walks during lockdown.

Ordnance Survey for new dog walks

This lockdown seems to be the most challenging mentally. January isn’t the easiest of months normally. And its easy to get into a rut of walking your dog in the same places. In the same way its easy to though on the same pair of joggers and sweatshirt each morning! If you live somewhere with local footpaths, check out the Ordnance Survey Map for new suggested walks by other walkers. If you have time on your hands, it’s a great way to exercise you and your dog and clear that lockdown fog. 

Local Pet Shops

Check with your local pet shop – they may have some local walks suggested on their website that you never even knew existed. We have been guilty of doing the same walks for years and only recently with this lockdown, finding new adventures right on our doorstep. Seeing our local area from a different perspective has also helped to see the days and weeks from a different perspective as well.

Facebook Groups

Where would we be without the great old internet. There’s lots to moan about with kids spending so much time on screens (there are bigger fish to fry at the moment ....). But alleluhia to the internet and things like Facebook for interaction with people. You might have some very active Facebook dog groups in your area. These could be a wealth of advice in these times. Whether looking for a new dog walk or general advice, these groups can be great. Also for general dog or breed advice, or just some friendly people to interact with about dogs! Plenty of cuteness to warm the heart.

All at home

If you are at home with your dog, your four legged friend will be loving having the company. For our dogs, who have no idea about COVID and the sadness it has brought to so many, they just know that they have their family around so much more. Keep safe and well, friends. x

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