Veganism in the dog world?

Veganism is on the rise and so it’s no surprise to find lots of nutritional alternatives to meat. However, this lifestyle isn’t just for humans! Veganism is also becoming important in the dog world, with more and more vegan and vegetarian foods becoming available. Companies like Ethical Pets sell a range of products for dogs and cats, V Pets have been selling vegan dog food since 1980! Benevo also selling cruelty free pet foods , Veggie Pets (vegan pet food) as well as Halo Pets. So catering for vegan dogs has never been easier, with companies that have been established for more than twenty years and many emerging companies offering diversity in ranges.

Vegan dog accessories can be harder to find

When it comes to looking for vegan dog accessories it can be a little harder. There are the obvious products to avoid such as leather and suede. However, dyes should also be considered. One case in point is cochineal which is used in the production of some red dyes.

If you are strictly vegan then you will do well to look for synthetic products and avoid any wool products. Whilst there are lots of synthetic and cotton dog accessories on the market, always be aware of some of the smaller details, for example leather keepers on a dog collar or even leather branded labels.

Outside of individuals’ belief systems there are other considerations that make vegan dog accessories actually more practical, when wet leather can damage and also be quite uncomfortable. Synthetic materials have the advantage of being water friendly and can also be washed.

Oscar & Hooch dog collars and leads are fully vegan and offer an ethical and practical solution.


We hope these tips have been useful! To find your perfect vegan dog collar shop now.