The ITV show Top 100 Dogs Live 2019 placed the good natured and dependable Labrador as the third most popular dog breed in the UK. Known to be mud and water lovers, any collar you choose for this breed needs to be able to withstand pond dips and poo rolling. Here we look at the possible best dog collars for Labradors.


Oscar & Hooch Signature Range Collars


Since Oscar and Hooch, our two chocolate Labradors, were the official product testers, it’s safe to say the Oscar & Hooch Signature range was made for Labradors. They were typical Labradors who loved nothing better than finding the muddiest puddle to play in on their walks and Hooch especially was very fond of finding some stinking fox poo to roll in. So when it came to designing collars, we knew they had to be able to withstand all manners of muck and water, but that they also needed to be easy to clean. Essentially, they needed to be lovely looking but also totally practical. And that is exactly what the Signature range delivers. Collars and leads that look fit for the catwalk, or should we say dogwalk, but that can be popped in the washing machine.

Oscar and hooch best dog collars for labradors ukbest dog collars for labradors uk

What our customers say


  • “Best collars ever. They wash, they are strong when the dogs play. They look good and last and last.”


  • “Have brought several over the years. Best collars and comfortable. Wash up lovely which is ideal with a working GSP. My CWD also has one, he used to get through a collar every few months, just through wear...till he got his O&H collar.”


  • "We have had dogs for 40 years. These collars are the best we have ever purchased. They have been through mud sea, fox poo etc. They get chucked in the washing machine. The only reason that I am buying replacements is that our new rescue needs a new collar and I would hate our existing dog to feel left out."


  • "Absolutely love these collar and leads. We’ve been using them for our dogs for a few years now. Both our cocker spaniels ( especially this one which we had as a pup) are water magnets and are always in the river, pond or sea getting mucky and wet but these collar and leads wash really well and look like new afterwords."


Check out more of our customer reviews here. We’ve even had blogs written about this range! Check out Chelsea Dog’s thoughts on our range in their blog about best collars for Labradors!


Labs of Instagram


These days it seems more normal for your dog to have an Instagram account than not! We love keeping up with our doggie friends and seeing what they’re up to on their walks. Especially when mud is involved. And of course we have some of our favourites. As you’ll see, they’re all sporting Oscar & Hooch Signature range collars confirming that they are one of the best collars for Labradors.






If this all sounds like it's making sense for your lab - loves mud but you don't love the state his collar gets into, maybe it's time to join the "My lab wears Oscar & Hooch" gang.

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