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Running out of pockets every time you talk your dog for a walk? Our gorgeous treat bags are the perfect way to store all the essentials the next time you and your pup are on an adventure.

Made right here in the UK, Oscar & Hooch use luxury soft suedette in 3 beautiful colours to suit all tastes. They are machine washable and come with a very useful zipped compartment for phones/keys etc (not to mention a treat or two for the dog!). Easy to attach with a carabiner clip or with the belt/pocket slide.

Dispatched in an Oscar & Hooch gift box.

We deliver worldwide! FREE delivery applies to the majority of the UK (2 to 5 working days standard delivery).

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to attach
  • Handy zipped compartment
  • Approximately 13cm wide, 18cm high

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Bag colour

Liberty, Cafe Noir, Black


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When measuring your dog’s neck, include the space for 2 fingers to slide under comfortably in your measurement. Our size guide works on the available holes on the collars so we would encourage you to aim for a collar size that uses one of the middle holes. The breeds suggested against each size are based on averages. Please measure your dog for accurate sizing – every dog is different! For more information, check out our blog to help you choose the perfect size.

Collar sizes

Size First Hole Last Hole Suggested dog breeds Width
XL 51cm 61cm German Shepherd, Great Dane, Rottweiler 2.5cm
L 41cm 51cm Labrador, Boxer, Red Setter 2.5cm
M 33cm 43cm Cocker Spaniel, Staffordshire Bull Terrier 2cm
S 28cm 38cm Jack Russell, Pug, Italian Greyhound 2cm
XS 25cm 30cm Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Pomeranian 1.3cm
XXS 20cm 25cm Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund 1.3cm

Lead sizes

Size Dimensions
Wide 100cm x 2.5cm
Medium 100cm x 2cm
Narrow 100cm x 1.3cm

Training lead sizes

Size Dimensions
Wide 200cm x 2.5cm
Medium 200cm x 2cm