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Martingale Dog Collar Range - M | Neon Green


Green neon ribbon on dark navy soft velvet

• Super Soft material for your dogs neck
• Currently 4 colours in 2 sizes available
• High quality metalwork
• Designed to prevent throat injuries
• Tightens when your dog pulls on the lead
• Easily Adjustable
• Machine Washable

Martingales were designed for sighthound breeds but these collars can be used for other breeds. The unique design stops dogs backing out of their collars and escaping.

If your dog pulls, The Martingale collar gently tightens around their neck, exerting pressure and discouraging pulling. The collar tightens to a certain point but does not cause discomfort due to the width and therefore distribution of the pressure.

Martingale collars should not be worn all the time and should be removed when not being used with a lead.

Also available in Neon green Buckle collars in 7 sizes, 1m standard leads (in 2 widths) and 2m training leads (in 3 widths).

Colour: Neon Green
Size: M
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Our collection of handmade and machine-washable martingale dog collars are the perfect non-slip collars for whippets, greyhounds, and many other breeds. If your pooch is prone to backing out of their collar, martingale collars provide a safe and secure way to ensure their collar stays in place, without excessive tightening. Our neon range machine washable martingale dog collars are made from ultra soft material and finished with stylish nickel plated hardware, with neon coloured grosgrain ribbon for visibility. Martingale collars can also be a valuable yet gentle training tool, thanks to the two loops included in the design. One allows you to adjust the collar to fit your dog’s neck, whilst the other allows better support and control when you’re out and about with your pup.

Our dog collars and leads are all handmade with the upmost utmost care and attention in the UK, with dogs and dog owners in mind.

All our dog collars will be dispatched in an Oscar & Hooch gift box. We deliver worldwide, with free delivery applying to the majority of the UK (1-2 working days delivery).

  • Machine washable dog collar
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Vegan friendly dog collar
  • Handmade UK dog collar

If you’d like to learn more about martingale collars, and whether they’re right for your dog, feel free to read our guide to martingale collars for more insights.

Collar Care

Our range of Martingale collars, as well as the majority of Oscar & Hooch products, are machine washable and easy to care for. We typically recommend washing your dog’s collar on a weekly basis, to prevent build-up of muck or dead skin. However, you may wish to do this more often if your dog is prone to skin conditions, or you’ve been on a particularly muddy walk! We recommend washing Oscar & Hooch martingale collars on a low heat, with gentle soap or detergent and inside a laundry bag to protect the hardware. If you don’t have a laundry bag, placing it inside a sock or pillow case is just as effective. Once the collar is washed, we recommend air-drying rather than tumble-drying or drying on a radiator.

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Martingale sizes

How to measure for our martingale collars:
Use a soft tape to measure the widest part of your dog’s head and neck, keeping it fairly snug. Using the biggest measurement, add 5cm or 2 inches. Now use this new figure when referring to the size chart for the size needed. If you are on the cusp of the 2 sizes we would suggest you size down.


SizeWidthFit Guide
L5cm (2 inches)50-60cm (20-24 inches)
M4cm (1.5 inches)38-52cm (15-20.5 inches)