Partners -Medical Detection Dogs

Oscar & Hooch are proud to support Medical Detection Dogs. Medical detection dogs are a charity that supports training of dogs to detect the odour of specific diseases. These amazing dogs are already supporting many people with complex medical conditions such as diabetes. To understand the impact these dogs have please take a few minutes to view the video opposite.

As well as the medical alert dogs this charity also train bio-detection dogs, these dogs are trained to sniff out the odour of cancer. This may sound a little dumbfounding at first but on-going trials are taking place to try and develop better methods of cancer detection that are non-invasive. Seeing these dogs in action is amazing and very humbling.

We have spent some time with the charity and the dogs and discover something new every time. Both the volunteers, staff and of course the dogs are all committed to the cause. The dogs absolutely love their work which is always plain to see!

Oscar & Hooch are supporting Medical Detection Dogs by donating £2 for every special collar or lead sold and £5 for every set. Oscar & Hooch are also supplying the assistance dogs with free collar and lead sets designed specifically for the charity. Our luxury dog beds will also be given to medical detection dogs HQ to further add to their already comfortable surroundings!