When we started out as a company in 2012, we only had our signature range collars and leads. Over the years, we have been asked about harnesses. And in the background we were testing and trialling different styles and features. Now they are here and available. Read on to find out more about Oscar & Hooch harnesses.


Stylish and Practical

We have always strived to produce products that look good but can withstand the everyday capers of dogs. We know many four legged friends who like to roll in fox poo, jump in rivers and anything else stinky. So to make life easy for the humans, Oscar & Hooch harnesses are machine washable. We’ve started with 6 of our most popular colours: Black & Red, Apple Green, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Liberty Purple and Clementine Orange. And all are off set with our recognisable ribbon stripe. Plenty of choice to make your style statement with your four legged friend!

Purple Dog Harness
Pink Dog Harness
Orange Dog Harness
Apple Green Dog Harness
Royal Blue Dog Harness
Black Red Dog Harness


Multi purpose – Walking and In the Car

Walking your dog using a harness will be more comfortable for your dog if s/he is a puller! The pressure will be spread more evenly than just around their neck if they are the ones taking you for a walk. If your dog needs some work on his walking to heel, using a harness with a training lead will encourage him to walk better. Read our blog on using a training lead with a harness. Our harnesses can also be used in the car to keep your dog safe. Each harness comes with handle with swivel trigger to feed the seatbelt through. This allows your dog the freedom to get comfy without tying himself up in the seat belt.

Oscar & Hooch purple car harness 2
Oscar & Hooch blue harness lifestyle


Perfect Fit

Oscar & Hooch harnesses have 5 points of adjustment to allow you to create the perfect fit for your dog.  Additionally, the soft chest plate means your dog will be comfortable wearing it once fitted. The style allows you to fit without lifting legs. The harness is simply slipped over the head and clipped together.

Harness features

To suit every dog

As you know, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. From the tiniest of Papillon’s to a sizable St Bernard, there is a breadth of possible sizes. Therefore, Oscar & Hooch Harnesses come in 7 sizes. Simply measure your dog all the way around his belly, just behind his front legs. The sizing table gives suggested breeds but make sure to measure your dog accurately. If your dog appears to be between sizes, opt for the larger size.

Measuring for a harness
Harness Size guide

Check out our harnesses here on our website. Remember we do matching collars, leads and training leads.