It's Monday night and finally we launch our contemporary range of dog collars and leads online. Now ready for a break after much hassle with the bank setting up our payment gateway this morning!

This was followed by a glorious trip to Pawseasons where Jenny and Tim gave us me a tour of their luxury dog hotel. Most definitely a place Oscar and Hooch would be very comfortable in! The dogs there were extremely content and I can see why. 2 walks a day and their own beds, what else is needed!

Monday night usually means pasta for dinner of one variety or another. It's spaghetti tonight which was at first irrelevant to Hooch - that is, until the cheese grater came out. Over the years Hooch has obviously cottoned on to how ham-fisted I am with said kitchen utensil. To be fair on my own expertise I get the job done quickly - the grana padano didn't stand a chance and Hooch was there to pick up the pieces.

Oscar on the other hand really could not be bothered. 10 years later he still stares, expecting me to make the journey to him with whatever food is being prepared. 10 years of not succumbing and he still stares!