Easter is just around the corner, which means the whole family will soon be on the hunt for eggs in their home and garden. In addition to young children, this activity can also be a lot of fun for the family dog. With this in mind, we have five amazing Easter hunt ideas which you can use this coming weekend.

Outdoor tennis ball treat hunt

On Easter weekend, hide some treat-filled tennis balls in and around the garden. Simply take some old tennis balls, cut a small slice into the centre, before placing your dog’s favourite treat inside. Once everything is set up, let the fun begin. Sniffing out the tennis balls and working out how to get to the treats will keep your dog happy for an afternoon.

Indoor Easter egg hunt

Some pet stores do sell chocolate eggs made especially for dogs, which are perfect for creating an indoor Easter egg hunt. Hide three or four throughout the house, before prompting your dog to locate them. This can be made even more enjoyable by scattering your dog’s favourite toys close to the eggs, which they’ll love stumbling upon.

Digging for treasure

Burying these pet chocolate eggs in the back garden is another fun way for dogs to hunt down some Easter treats. Digging is an activity dogs love to do, as it’s part of their natural instinct. Hiding treats under soil makes the hunt a little more challenging.

Egg obstacle course

Transform a typical obstacle course in an Easter extravaganza, simply by placing pet chocolate eggs at the end of particular sections. This is a great alternative to a traditional Easter egg hunt, as it will teach your dog obedience, while giving them a vigorous workout.

Bobbing for eggs

If it’s a particularly hot day, filling a paddling pool with water can give a typical Easter egg hunt an unusual twist. Place waterproof toys in the water, along with some peeled boiled eggs. Most dogs love splashing around in the water, and the fact they’ll be surrounded by treats makes the experience even more enjoyable.